About us

TechCare is a medtech start-up that provides IT solutions for healthcare in the Faroe Islands. TechCare’s services can be used in rest homes or in private homes. By using technology, TechCare unites people with their surroundings, who are either helpless or live alone at home. This is done by sending a message when necessary to persons concerned.

One of the main aims of TechCare is to assure a safe and respectful existence for elderly living alone at home and assure that relatives can live in peace of mind. TechCare develops both software, hardware and IoT solutions.

Additionally, we have employees to make TechCare’s services easier to use. TechCare’s solutions are developed in cooperation between IT developers and healthcare staff in the Faroe Islands. Accordingly, the solutions are adjusted to Faroese users and circumstances. TechCare is located at Hugskotið at Vestara Bryggja in Tórshavn.


Brian Bischoff


Eyðbjørg Leo

Sales and Co-ordination

John Høj Andreassen

Software Developer

Signar Kristiansen

Software Developer

Petur Larsen

Hardware Developer

Sigmundur Johansen

Embedded Software Engineer

Jóannes N. Poulsen

UX Lead

Ingibjørg Matras

Video Co-ordinator

Nicolai Kildegaard

Software Developer

Board Members

Pál Weihe

Head doctor Division of Occupational Public Health

Joel undir Leitinum

CEO Posta

Súni Schwartz

CEO Numo

Jan Petersen

CEO Christian í Grótinum

Peer Bentzen

EVP Business Development DHL